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New Profiles: High school athletes, you can create your own player profile today for free. The profile will include all personal, academic, and athletic information as well as photos, media articles, stats, and video. College coaches need snapshot information to properly recruit their incoming athletes, and Birds Eye Sports provides this all to you in an easy to use platform. Signup Today!

If you wish to include your highlight video on the profile, the cost is just $99 for one year. Don't have a video? Hire us to create your college recruiting video for $499. Most people end up customizing a package to include us filming multiple games to ensure quality video footage.

Simply contact us or call 203-291-9613 today.

Coaches: Looking for recruits? Browse player profiles today.

Recruiting Videos

Playing sports in college is the goal of many high school players. Getting noticed and properly evaluated is a difficult task, even for very good players at the high school level.

While attending camps and showcases is certainly an important thing to do, many players are overlooked at these events due to the high ratio of athlete to coach, even at the elite events.

Bird's Eye Sports can help you to put together a college recruiting video that will showcase your skills and fundamentals, incorporate some real game footage, and give the NCAA coach the ability to properly evaluate you as a prospect student athlete for their institution.

We hold sport specific filming camps during all seasons and can customize one for your school or area. Look here for more in depth information in the weeks to come. Please call us at 203-291-9613 or email us at

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Thank you so much for creating a recruiting film for our son. Having a professional disc to send to college coaches was instrumental in our son's acceptance to a top program.

Hockey Parent-CT

Recruiting Services

Individual Profile

Create a free profile with all academic, personal, and athletic information. Email the profile to a college coach, update statistics and accolades.

Cost: Free Sign Up

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Individual Profile (with Video)

Upload your highlight video (Up to 10 minutes). Saves time and cost of mailing DVDs to college coaches, instantly let them view and evaluate.

Cost: $99/year Order Now

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Create Recruiting Video

Birds Eye Sports has created countless college recruiting videos over the past 6 years. We can edit your footage, or professionally film 2-10 games and carefully extract the footage from each game to create a crisp recruiting video in the format the coaches want to see.

Cost from $499. Order Now

Counseling Services

SAT Prep, essay writing, camp selection, player marketing, and tutoring. We have teamed with local college prep agencies to offer sports and academic marketing for the full service client. Learn More