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Tricaster Rentals © 2014

We have a Tricaster 455 and a Tricaster 40 that are for rent in the Northeast region.  Each comes with a control surface, 2 monitors, and all associated cables. You will supply all camera and audio cables to hook into the tricaster, or those can be rented at an additional rate.  Cost is $1,250  for 2 day rental of the 455, and $1,000 for 2 day rental of the 40.


Camera Rentals © 2014

We have a variety of Sony Cameras that can be rented out on a one or 3 day basis.  These include the Sony NX5U, Sony Z5u, Sony FX1000, Sony MC 2000, Sony FX1, Sony FX7, and more.  Standard Camera and manfrotto rentals are $250 per day.