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GameDay Filming © 2014

Our filming rates will fit into this general category, but most final rates are customized based on travel, schedule, location, and whether or not we have a standing filming relationship with your school, team, or organization.  Our standard filming rates for single games is $225 per game.  This provides you with a professional sports cameraman who films in High Definition on a professional camera.  You will receive an online link to this game, password protected.  DVDs are being phased out but if you would like one we can work that in. Most of our clients opt for the digital copy/download.

If you are a team that is looking for a full season, or a repeat customer that rate can go down to the $199 range for 10 plus games, or if you commit 3 or more players to use us for the recruiting film aspect of the process.  See below for recruiting film rates.  

Recruiting FIlms © 2014

College recruiting films cost anywhere from $350-$750 for the editing portion of the process.  The final number depends on how many games we are editing from, whther or not you provide us with timecodes of the plays from these games, and other factors.  We recommend a minimum of 3-5 game films to achieve the proper footage to create a college recrutiing film for most sports.  (Some sports are more heavily reliant on one good skills workout plus some game footage; baseball, field hockey and volleyball fit into this mix).




Broadcasting © 2104

All of our broadcasting deals are negotiated due to the invariable difference in budgets, production necessities, locations, and length of the event including prep time.  As a rule our One camera live webstreams start at $500 per game.  Our standard 2-3 camera live productions with announcer talent and graphics starts at $2,500 per game.  And our full service 3-6 camera production with talent, graphics, replay starts at $4,500.  Again, all productions are different so the price and production value will be discussed and negotiated in every instance so both parties get exactly what they need.


Take a look at our rates video for more details.